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Hitler's confession. Honest talk with Jew (polish title: Spowiedź Hitlera. Szczera rozmowa z Żydem)
April, 1945.

Eduard Bloch, “Noble Jaw”, who treated Hitler’s mother, was brought to Hitler's bunker. Führer tells him that they will write joint book, last conversation with Chancellor of Germany. Bloch is shocked. It happened a few days before Hitler’s death.

So powerful book was not published for years! This conversation is publishing the first time in the world! Chancellor of the Third Reich, one of the greatest criminals in the world, explains why he hated Jews, talks about the dark side of childhood, about his sex life and about the happiest day in his life. Strong and honest conversation that absorb from the first pages.

It all started with a simple story… Christopher Macht, German with Polish roots, found notes of conversations Eduard Bloch with Adolf Hitler. This "Noble Jew," as he used to say about him chancellor of the Third Reich, was the fate of unprecedented opportunity. Führer presents him an offer he can not refuse. Bloch has to do a series of interviews with him, on the basis that after Hitler's death has created a book. Jew, of course, it stops, having no other choice.

This book is for you! During the conversation, Bloch asked a lot of uncomfortable questions. At that time, Adolf Hitler shows true face. Left side of his body trembles, call doctor the worst names, and when emotions fall, Führer offers him a walk together.

That such was Hitler in the last days of his life. He erupted at every opportunity, waving his arms to the left and right, screaming and improved his modest parting. If you want to know up close the biggest war criminal, stand with him face to face, feel his eyes on your body - this book is for you!

  About me

About me

Christopher Macht (born 1976) - german writer, who has polish roots. His family comes from West Pomerania. Well known as a discover of last scripts of Hitler’s talks. For many years interested in history and second world war. Christopher Macht lives in Wandlitz (german city, located 25 kilometers from Berlin). His wife Paula is Polish.